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Driving your brand-new Rivian off the showroom floor and home for the first time is an extraordinary feeling. It’s essential to keep your Rivian in optimal condition in order to fall in love with your vehicle all over again every time you see it in the garage. Rivian detailing services from California Tint ensures your car stays flawless for years to come.

With over a decade of automotive detailing experience, our factory-trained technicians will take your Rivian’s appearance to the next level. With an extreme attention to detail and passion for precision, we guarantee every inch of your Rivian is protected and preserved. Our detailing solutions not only bring out the natural beauty of your Rivian, but they keep it protected from fading, dents, and watermarks well into the future.

Relentless Protection for Your Rivian

Your Rivian may be the most advanced vehicle on the road, but it’s still susceptible to being scratched, dinged and damaged by everyday driving conditions.

At California Tint, we know that when you invest in a Rivian, you want to ensure your investment has the best protection!

Rivian Paint Protection

XPEL paint protection film (PPF) acts as a flexible, invisible barrier between your Rivian’s paint and the outside elements. With advanced self-healing properties, XPEL PPF can protect your R1T or R1S from UV rays, corrosion, swirl marks, and scratches. As the leading XPEL PPF specialists in Washington, California Tint’s team has the expertise to flawlessly wrap your Rivian in a shield of superior, long-lasting protection.

PPF Benefits:

Long-lasting paint protection

Fewer trips to the car wash

Prevents fading

Boosts your Rivian’s resale value

Advanced self-healing properties

Rivian Paint Protection Options

Protect what matters most. We offer 4 PPF packages to safeguard your Rivian’s front end or the entire car.

Partial Front

This package protects your Rivian’s full bumper, 18-20” of the hood, and side mirrors.

Full Front

This package protects your Rivian’s full bumper, full hood, headlamps, and side mirrors.

Track Pack

This package protects your Rivian’s full bumper, full hood, headlamps, side mirrors, rocker panels, and A-pillar.

Full Coverage

This package protects your entire Rivian: both bumpers, full hood & trunk, headlamps, side mirrors, fenders, and A- B- & C-pillars.

Why XPEL Paint Protection Film?

Rivian recently partnered with XPEL to provide drivers with a full lineup of paint protection film options. As the leading provider of PPF, XPEL’s self-healing properties, innovative Edge Seal technology, and resistance to discoloration and stains make it the clear choice for premium Rivian paint protection.

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Rivian Window Tint

Do you want to increase the life of your Rivian’s battery? Blasting your A/C during a sweltering summer day can quickly kill your battery. XPEL’s high quality window tint enhances the look of your Rivian while extending its battery life by keeping your cabin cool all summer long. That means you don’t have to suck the battery dry by always running your A/C.

Window Tinting Benefits:

Increased Protection

Improved Comfort

Better Gas Mileage

UV Protection

Protects Against Interior Damage

Window Tinting Options


Prime XR PLUS is a high-performance automotive window tint with a subtle appearance that is designed to provide you with the highest levels of optical clarity and heat rejection.


Prime XR Ceramic is a long-lasting, color-stable window film that blocks heat, UV rays, and privacy without changing the car’s appearance.


The finest high-performance hybrid film is found with XPEL Prime HP.


As a film that resists scratches and is signal-friendly, XPEL Prime CS provides flawless coverage and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your paint protection and window tinting services tailored to specific Rivian models?

Absolutely, our services are designed to cater to all Rivian models. Whether you own an R1T or an R1S, we ensure your vehicle receives the specialized care it needs.

Will applying XPEL PPF change the original color and appearance of my Rivian’s paint?

Not at all. XPEL PPF is crafted to be transparent and nearly invisible. It preserves your Rivian’s original color and finish, so you can enjoy the same stunning look without compromise.

Is there a specific time frame when I should consider getting paint protection and window tinting for my Rivian?

While there’s no strict timeline, many Rivian owners choose to have these services done shortly after purchasing their vehicle. This helps ensure your Rivian stays protected and stylish from the start.

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