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At California Tint, we believe that every vehicle has a unique beauty. Our paint correction services can revive your car’s color and showcase its beauty to the world. With over seven years of experience, our paint correction process caters to your car and delivers outstanding results. Uncover your vehicle’s inner allure and style today.

California Tint x MALCO

MALCO’s EPIC™ Paint Correction System provides us with an efficient way to detail your vehicle’s paint without piecemeal products and damage to your vehicle’s clear coat.

MALCO EPIC® Paint Correction

Drive to new levels of perfection with MALCO EPIC® Paint Correction. This system uses diminishing abrasives that cut and polish the paint in a single application, while leaving no swirl marks. The removal process is easy and quick, while leaving a showroom shine behind.

What is Paint Correction?

Paint correction is a process that can transform an ordinary paint job into a show car by removing swirls and scratches from the clear coat and significantly improving the appearance of your vehicle’s paint. Many people also use paint correction as a maintenance step to minimize further damage to their vehicles’ shiny surfaces.

What Types of Paint Defects Can Paint Correction Address?

  • Bird Droppings and Bird Drop Etchings
  • Buffer Trails and Holograms
  • Bugs
  • Light to Medium Water Spots
  • Marring and Micro Marring
  • Paint Oxidation and Ultraviolet Fading
  • Random Isolated Deep Scratches
  • Road Tar
  • Spider Web Swirl Marks
  • Tree Sap
blue truck doors comparison with and without paint correction

Benefits of Paint Correction

At California Tint, we provide a clear and strong solution to your paint correction needs. We have the tools and knowledge to properly handle any type of paint defects. Whether you have swirl marks, water spots or something else, our process will bring back the luster of your vehicle’s finish. Our technicians are only using the best correction products on the market to deliver unbeatable quality.

Paint Correction offers a number of benefits, including:

Increases the Longevity of Your Car’s Paint

Boosts Resale Value

Restores Your Car’s Clear Coat

Removes Nasty Imperfections

Leaves Your Car Looking New

comparison of red car side panel with and without paint correction

Paint Correction Services

California Tint offers three levels of paint correction to enhance your car’s finish so you can fall in love with it over and over again.

One Step Correction

Our simplest correction system, this process is best suited for new cars that were recently driven off the showroom floor. Our finishing polish can be used for light corrections, including minor car wash scratches. Give your car a gorgeous glow that’ll definitely get you noticed.

Two-Step Correction

We recommend this process to the majority of our customers. Our two-step correction system is great for vehicles that are a couple years old. It revitalizes the paint while efficiently correcting medium defects, such as light scratches and medium to heavy swirl marks.

Three-Step Correction

Our highest level of paint correction services, the three-step process is recommended for older cars with severe paint defects and heavy oxidation. This service guarantees an unparalleled finish that’ll make your ride a showstopper once again.

If you’re ready for your car to sparkle and shine, call us today to book your paint correction service appointment or click on the button below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between paint correction and traditional car detailing?

While traditional car detailing focuses on cleaning and polishing the vehicle’s surfaces, paint correction goes a step further. It involves the systematic removal of imperfections such as swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation from the clear coat, resulting in a more refined and restored finish.

How long does the paint correction process take?

The duration of the paint correction process can vary depending on the condition of the vehicle and the level of correction required. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few hours to a full day to complete. Our experienced technicians at California Tint work efficiently to deliver outstanding results within a reasonable timeframe.

Will paint correction remove all scratches from my vehicle?

Paint correction can significantly improve the appearance of scratches, but it may not eliminate all deep or severe scratches. The goal of paint correction is to minimize the visibility of scratches and restore the overall finish of the paint. Our skilled technicians utilize advanced techniques and quality products to achieve the best possible results.

How long will the results of paint correction last?

The longevity of paint correction results depends on various factors, including how the vehicle is maintained after the service. With proper care and regular maintenance, the effects of paint correction can last for several months to years. Applying a protective coating, such as ceramic coating, after paint correction can further enhance and prolong the results.

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