What’s the Perfect Time to Get My Car Windows Tinted?

Car window tint installation offers incredible benefits, such as enhanced security, comfort, privacy, and aesthetics. Nonetheless, the perfect timing can bring enhanced longevity, savings, and an impressive tint job.

Weather, for instance, plays a critical role during the curing process. On the other hand, a delay in applying a car tint can accelerate the wear and tear of internal features. As such, it’s vital to understand the factors that improve timing accuracy.

Let’s explore the factors that determine the ideal time.

1. After Acquiring a New Car

It’s common for car owners to acquire new vehicles while seeking better features or a unique experience. The new unit requires a bit of customizing to bring the ride to your taste and preference. That said, the already installed window tint may not have the ideal thickness and quality to offer sufficient privacy and protection.

Here’s why installing window tint after acquiring a car is an ideal time.

To Control the Car’s Internal Temperatures

Besides keeping away UV radiation, window tint is an impressive feature that can control a car’s internal temperatures. During hot days, the temperature becomes unbearable, necessitating an AC system.

Typically, an AC system increases fuel consumption and overall running cost. As such, you can install a window tint on a new vehicle to reduce the heat loss through radiation or by reflecting excess sunshine. Window tint will therefore serve as a temperature control feature, effectively boosting your comfort.

Mitigate Potential Injuries in Case of Accidents 

A report by Esurance found that 77% of drivers are involved in an accident during their driving experience. Esurance also reports that 2 million people get hurt in car accidents every year. As such, it’s important to add safety features in your car that reduce the possibility of getting injured in case of an accident. Window tint minimizes injuries by preventing window shattering that can cause serious injuries.

Essentially, a window film holds the glass window together, thereby acting as an anti-shattering feature. As a result, installing a window film reduces the risk of being hurt by the broken windshield and the driver’s general safety.

Enhanced Security and Privacy

A car is an essential tool for transporting business stock, mobile valuables like electronics, or handbags. As such, a high-quality tint conceals the contents in your car, consequently enhancing privacy and security. If you’re highly mobile, you might frequent areas that are prone to theft. A window tint will complement other security measures such as an alarm or anti-theft features.

2. Take Advantage of Different Seasons

Whether it’s preventing the effects of the sun’s glare or preventing UV radiation, weather plays a key role while making a tinting decision. Extreme temperatures — either too hot or cold — hamper the tinting process.

Here’s a breakdown of how you can take advantage of different seasons.

Summer and Spring

The summer season offers ideal conditions for the tinting process. According to tinting experts, the high temperatures in summer are suitable for the curing process. Typically, when the weather is conducive, the curing process can take a maximum of 3-4 days for a perfect outcome. On colder days, for example during winter, it may take from 4 days to over a week.

Warm temperatures make the tint dry and cure naturally, resulting in a more impressive result. It’s also worth noting that summer sometimes brings high humidity, counterproductive to the adhering process. Equally, the spring season brings conducive temperatures that are neither too hot nor too cold.

The two seasons provide excellent conditions for tinting, which is why they’re popular with car owners seeking window tinting.

A point to note: The high temperatures make your car vulnerable to UV radiation, sun glare, and accelerated deterioration. As such, it’s advisable to prioritize installing window tinting to protect your vehicle from potential damage.

Winter and Fall

Although summer or spring provides the optimum condition for the tinting process, it’s also beneficial to tint during the cold months. Different risk factors like theft, car glare, or effects of the sun on interiors remain constant despite changes in seasons.

It’s, therefore, crucial to prioritize installing window tints, whether it’s a cold season or warm season. During the chilling winter, the car may lose massive heat through pores found on the glass. A window tint acts as an insulation that minimizes loss and subsequently reliance on car AC to keep the interiors warm.

Generally, there is low demand in winter or fall due to consumers’ preference for summer. As such, tinting companies offer discounts to attract customers who prefer the summer season. Equally, the low season makes it possible to get quick service.

3. During Seasonal Deals

Every year, shops — either e-commerce or brick and mortar — offer deals in a bid to push sales. The beauty of these deals is their predictability, which is perfect for planning reasons. You can take advantage of upcoming seasonal deals to schedule an affordable window tinting service.

Here are a few cyclic deals you can tap.

  1. Black Friday and Cyber Monday: The weekend following Thanksgiving has additional sales days, namely Black Friday and Cyber Monday. E-commerce players and other retailers take advantage of the buzz to offer irresistible deals. You’re therefore likely to get a tinting company offering an affordable service during the Black Friday weekend.
  2. National Holidays: There are plenty of national holidays that retailers utilize to offer deals. For example, firms use the New Year holiday to offer slightly affordable services to counter festive season hangovers. A tinting company, for instance, can offer customers an affordable product bundle consisting of tinting, paint protection, and ceramic coating. That said, ensure you’re on the lookout for deals through social media, websites, and adverts.

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